Digital Turnaround for Kinder Bueno

Our challenging task was to transition Kinder Bueno’s communication from exclusively traditional advertising channels to a fully digital global content campaign.

We aimed to develop a 'Digital Product Experience' that revolutionizes the digital interaction with the target audience. A strengthened digital presence and maximum relevance to the target audience were the defined communication goals.

At the core of our strategy was an agile test-and-learn approach. Regarding implementation, we focused on visual appeal and various story elements taken from the context of Hip-Hop culture.
We envisioned a 'Digital Product Experience' campaign that reaches the discerning target audience through relevance, actively engages them, and captures their attention on digital channels.


A Content Toolbox for a Digital Product Experience

Since digital communication was previously uncharted territory for our client, and they therefore lacked insights, it was important to us to offer a highly versatile test-and-learn approach.

The campaign needed to be relevant to a very discerning audience, which is why visual and content engagement through various story elements was pivotal for us.

Centered on the theme of Hip-Hop culture, our Content Toolbox showcased the product as the focal point while the varying story elements delivered a broad array of captivating narratives.

In developing the narrative aspects, we had the various target groups in mind. Drawing from lifestyle and food motifs, we placed each story element in different contexts.
With the help of the toolbox, we enhanced production flexibility and expanded the range of creative content, enabling accessibility through digital platforms.


Key Facts


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Ferrero - Kinder Bueno
Ferrero - Kinder Bueno
Ferrero - Kinder Bueno

“The Ferrero teams in Europe and worldwide are seeking a partner that focuses on four crucial pillars:
a customer-centric approach to content production that delivers high-quality creative results in a faster, truly flexible, and scalable manner. For this reason, we have fundamentally redesigned the execution process.“

Timo Wolf

Managing Director


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Timo Wolf
Timo Wolf
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