How can we find memories that we thought were lost?

Our childhood photos help us preserve beautiful memories. However, many transgender individuals are unable to look at their childhood photos and keep them hidden. These photos can remind them of the difficult time before transitioning and evoke gender dysphoria: the painful feeling when one`s body doesn`t match the gender they identify with. Many also fear discriminatory reactions when others see their photos. That`s why old memories are often preffered to be forgotten.


AI preserves childhood memories of trans*people

Serviceplan aims to use AI to assist transgender individuals in preserving precious childhood memories and to educate non-affected individuals, fostering more visibility and acceptance for the community:
because everyone has the right to be seen as they truly are.

The personal stories of three participants, the image editing process, and the reveal during the interview were captured through an exclusively producted documentary. 

On May 17, 2023, the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersex Discrimination, and Transphobia, the project was promoted through social media, the Saved Memories website and other channels.

Patricia Schüttler von Trans-Ident e.V.

"A great chance for all trans people to see the past as it always should have been."

Patricia Schüttler

Chairperson of the Board

Trans-Ident e.V.

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Transklar e.V. - Saved Memories

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The initative has proven that AI can be an incredibly beneficial tool for the transgender community.


AI is a powerful tool that helps us achieve greater things.


The close collaboration and involvement of the NGO`s were essential components and crucial for the initiative.


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