Gender Pay Gap in Germany

Progress may have been made in recent decades, as more and more women cover positions of responsibility in politics, business and society. But the unequal pay of women and men in many areas is still a massive obstacle to de facto equality.

With a strong statement, BVG has closed the “gender pay gap”, the discriminatory underpayment of women - even if only for one day.


A sign of true equality

The core of the campaign: the ticket for women. On Equal Pay Day, all women could buy a daily, monthly or even annual BVG ticket with a 21% discount - which is exactly the amount that women earn on average less than men. In the city center a ticket vending machine was also installed that automatically recognized the buyer's gender and applied women a discount of up to 160 euros.

A 21% discount certainty does not solve the gender pay gap problem. Therefore, on the payment receipts of the women's ticket, vacancies were advertised at BVG where women receive the same pay as their male colleagues for the same job. BVG is thus setting a good example in terms of gender equality.

Key Facts


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"At the end of the day, it's not even about gender. It's about equality for all - regardless of who you are and what you look like."

Myles Lord

Conception and Account Management as Managing Director of Creation


Key Takeaways


It is up to all of us to make equality
for all genders a reality. 


Taking a stand underlines
brand image.


Courage for creative ideas
pays off.


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2x Gold

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Myles Lord
Myles Lord
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