Raising awareness of sustainable investment and climate change

The fintech company growney commissioned us, together with the creative agency Philipp und Keuntje, to show a so far underestimated lever in the fight against the clima catastrophe: sustainable investment in the form of fair funds.

Melting polar ice caps, rising sea levels, threatened coastal regions: the climate crisis has become a permanent topic in the media. Despite the urgent messages, the acute need for action is not reaching mainstream society. 


Climate change as a business model

We confronted people with the effects of climate change in an unusual way. With a topic that always interests them: money.

The catastrophe became a business model: THE RISE Real Estate is the first real estate company to benefit from rising sea levels. Based on scientific data, we placed billboards for the start-up in affected areas and triggered the expected shitstorm with advertising on YouTube, Twitter, and Co. This business idea caused controversy in Germany for six weeks.

At the height of the outrage - the planned launch of the first plots of land - "THE RISE" became "STOP THE RISE".
The surprise: the campaign was just a fake, but climate change is real.
Through retargeting, the target group was made aware of growney's sustainable products.

The social media activities generated a high number of interactions. The demand for sustainable funds increased significantly, firmly establishing growney as a leading provider in this field. Traffic to the website multiplied and former critics turned into supporters. The fintech company was able to successfully position itself as an active climate fighter.

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Sabrina Duchow
Sabrina Duchow
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