153 Seconds to Sustainability

Enzo Ricciulli, Managing Partner Mediaplus Benelux, explains in 153 seconds how sustainable media works.

Sustainability Circle

The Sustainability Circle is part of our sustainability network and takes place once a month, where we network via MS Teams, learn from each other and inspire each other. In the exclusive members area we exchange relevant studies and info links. With the Sustainability Circle, we are pleased to open a virtual space where we can jointly develop the topic of 'sustainable media' for our industry. The Sustainability Circle is currently only available in Germany and in German. Would you still like to become part of the sustainability network and shape a sustainable media future with us? Join the circle - we look forward to hearing from you!

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Green GRP

How big is the carbon footprint of an advertising campaign? Information about this is provided by the Green GRP. In the future, companies will be able to opt for the advertising they have booked to be climate neutral. When planning a campaign, Mediaplus offers its clients the option to individually offset the carbon emissions that the campaign will generate. 

Learn more about the Green GRP here.

Green Consumer

There’s no doubt that sustainability is a hot topic right now – and one which is increasingly relevant to customers making purchases. Nevertheless, there is often a disconnect between attitude and behaviour when it comes to making sustainable buying decisions. People may say they feel sustainability aspects are important when deciding whether or not to buy, but the way they behave at the point of sale may belie this. Sometimes, this may be because they are not prepared to pay more money for the added value. Or they may not know whether the products actually are sustainable, or the products may simply not appeal to them. This is undoubtedly why it is essential for brands to identify their target groups meticulously and classify them accordingly. Not all sustainable purchasers are the same. They may range from mainstream customers who buy organic products on offer once in a while, right up to those who get actively involved and are truly committed to protecting the environment.

Learn more about the Green Consumer here.

Mediaplus Studies Glossary Books

Studies Glossary

‘Class not mass’ is the motto of our study glossary. Here, we curate sustainability studies for you and present only those that we believe offer added value. For your orientation, we briefly introduce each study so that you can better assess whether you would like to read it. Wishing you interesting reading!


Click here to find the Study Glossary on the topic of sustainability.


The UNFCCC (UN Climate Change) Secretariat is the United Nations institution with the goal of addressing the threats of climate change globally. 

United Nations Climate Change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the point of contact for scientists, government, authorities, the public and the media in Germany on questions relating to the IPCC.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

As Germany's central environmental authority, we ensure that Germany has a healthy environment in which people can live protected as far as possible from harmful environmental impacts, such as pollutants in the air or water. Our range of topics is broad - from waste prevention and climate protection to the approval of pesticides.

German Federal Environmental Agency

ClimatePartner regularly publishes evaluations on current developments.


From natural science to social science, from risks to solutions, from identifying Planetary Boundaries to managing Global Commons: The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) is advancing the frontier of integrated research for global sustainability, and for a safe and just climate future.

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

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