From newbies to culture champions: Immersive onboarding

In global and decentralized organizations, employers have difficulty creating a bond between employees and between employees and employers.

Using Serviceplan Group as an example, we wanted to create a new and engaging way to introduce new employees to the culture of the agency. Instead of passively imparting knowledge, we wanted to transform onboarding into an active and interactive learning experience. We wanted new employees to better understand the company's history, vision, way of working, approach to sustainability, and organizational structure. And most importantly, they should have fun doing it!

Instead of giving presentations in team meetings, we sent our new employees on a journey of discovery to familiarize them with our corporate culture.


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Revolutionizing onboarding: Where CI meets immersive storytelling

We created an immersive spatial experience that combines the architectural interpretation of our corporate identity with compelling storytelling. By emotionalizing our onboarding process and creating a more direct and authentic connection between Serviceplan and new employees worldwide, we have created an onboarding experience that adds real value for our global agencies.


The participants enter the "Überverse", a space that is anchored in the DNA of the Serviceplan Group. Here, a small team gathers to explore a monumental 'Ü'. This 'Ü' contains five different cubes, each symbolizing a key gene in Serviceplan's DNA. In addition, the 'Ü' is representative of the group's creative narrative - our ÜberCreativity. Accompanied by moderators from the HR department, the participants explore each cube and learn more about the company's identity piece by piece. Exciting side quests also offer entertaining facts about the company's history. At the end of the journey, the team comes together again and is ready for the next steps of the onboarding process.


The onboarding takes about 30 minutes and fits into the onboarding program previously broadcast via video. With little additional effort, we create a lasting experience for new employees that has a big impact on the Serviceplan culture.

Key Takeaways


Architecture is pivotal in crafting a unique corporate experience that effectively conveys the company's fundamental values.


Encourage users to explore and learn by doing rather than passively consuming information.


Incorporate interactive elements such as gamification, simulations, and social interactions.


Optimaler Start

Onboarding Optimization

This program aims to simplify and enhance the onboarding process for new employees through specially developed, company-tailored trainings and digital resources. The focus is on creating an inclusive environment that not only facilitates adaptation, but also fosters a strong connection to the company identity. By adopting the perspective of new employees in the design of the onboarding process, a positive foundation for employee satisfaction is laid. Involving existing employees also strengthens the bond with the company on both sides.

"Our idea was to merge imagination and technology to craft an immersive onboarding experience that doesn't just introduce people to our company but envelops them in a captivating journey. It's about breaking boundaries, fostering connections, and igniting curiosity. We reimagine onboarding as an adventure, where every step is an opportunity for exploration, growth, and social interaction."

Robin Janitz

Creative Director Spatial


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