The categories

As well as the annually recurring “Best Brand Overall”, brands from certain areas of life that held a special significance for consumers in that particular year were analysed. This year's categories were "Best Brand Beauty“, "Best Brand Fashion“ and "Best Momentum Brand“.

The Best Brands Gala

The Best Brands gala took place in the ballroom of the Bayerischer Hof Hotel in Munich. A highlight of the event was meeting and listening to Australian fashion icon Elle Macpherson. As a supermodel and entrepreneurial businesswoman, Elle not only possesses extensive insider knowledge about wellness, fashion, fashion brands, and the entire industry but has also become a brand of her own. 
This year, host and journalist Linda Zervakis guided us through the gala. 

In a ceremonial award show, the results of the underlying GfK study were announced and awards were presented to not only the top 10 winners but also each of the ‘Best Brands’ in the individual categories.

Best Brands 2023
Best Brands 2023
Best Brands Gala 2023

The top 10 Overview

The Winner

In 2024, the “Best Brand Overall”  was made up of the dimensions “Share of Market” and “Share of Soul”. 

The winner 2024: Nivea

In 2024, the “Best Brand Beauty” is made up of the dimensions “Share of Market”, “Share of Soul”, "Competence" and "Premium".

The winner 2024: L’Oréal

In 2024, the “Best Brand Fashion” is made up of the dimensions “Share of Market”, “Share of Soul”, "Competence" and "Premium". 

The winner 2024: Nike

In 2024, the “Best Momentum Brand” is made up of the dimensions “Market Momentum”, “Emotional Momentum” and “Trend affinity”. 

The winner 2024: Dyson

Das Best Brands College

In order to underline the informative aspect of Best Brands, prior to the evening’s award ceremony is a congress during the day. During the Best Brands College 2024 on 27 February 2024 starting at 9.30 am high-profile speakers discussed the overriding topic of “Best Brands and the power of momentum: On course for success with strong brand dynamics and AI”. 

Ana von Hutten, CMO DACH at Mattel, shed light on the phenomenal influence of the hit film "Barbie" on the toy company, while sports manager Oliver Bierhoff showed how brands can make the most of the 2024 sports year - be it in connection with the European Football Championship or with football.

Find out more about the Best Brands College
Best Brands College 2023
Best Brands 2023
Best Brands 2023

Apple Vision Pro

The APPLE VISION PRO at the Best Brands College 2024


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Best Brands International 


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