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Animal Alerts

A ground-breaking initiative has been launched in Peru, where experts have collaborated to develop a completely new approach to earthquake early warnings and public safety. The "Animal Alerts" project aims to develop the first earthquake warning system based on analysing health data collected by smart collars. These innovative collars collect health data from animals to identify possible correlations with impending earthquakes.

1x Gold I 1x Silber I 3x Bronze

855- How To Quit (Opioids)

More than 6 million people in the US are addicted to opioids, and every 6 minutes someone dies from an overdose. A hotline has set itself the task of reaching addicts at their most critical moment. It uses the codes on opioid pills as phone numbers to tell callers inspiring stories from former addicts, followed by live counselling from experts.

1 x GOLD

Could it be that easy?

The Sandoz/Hexal radio advert "Could it be that easy" emphasises the simple use of a laxative. It emphasises how effortlessly and suitable for daily use this product solves digestive problems and conveys the message that the path to better health with Hexal can be quick and uncomplicated. 

"Winning 14 Lions at Cannes Lions showcases Serviceplan Group's consistent creative excellence. This success also reflects our dedication to innovation, storytelling, and positive change. I am proud of our teams and partners. This is a great outcome of interdisciplinary international collaboration, highlighting the strength of working together and the power of ÜberCreativity."

Alex Schill

Global Chief Creative Officer

Serviceplan Group


Promoting young talents

The Serviceplan Group not only celebrates award successes in Cannes, but is also committed to promoting young talent with the Spark Academy. This year, 25 talents from five countries came together for the finale of the young talent program in Cannes to develop ideas for our client Lufthansa in an ÜberJam and to be inspired by talks and panels. This annual initiative took place at Serviceplan's House of Communication in Cannes and provides a vibrant platform for young talents from around the world to share, learn and innovate. In doing so, the group strengthens its role as a catalyst for the next generation of creative leaders.

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has championed creative excellence since 1954 and is the benchmark for creativity that drives progress worldwide. The 2024 edition took place in Cannes from 17 to 21 June. 

The festival brings together creatives from all over the world every year. The status of the "Lions" awarded there in gold, silver and bronze corresponds to that of the Oscars in the film industry.

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