Delivering the right message to the right people at the right time is our goal. To achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency, we assess how your marketing communications is performing and realign your content, structure and budget, across the entire communications mix. And by continuously reviewing your relevant KPIs in real time, we can achieve the desired results for your brand.

Our unique Mediaplus Brand Investor tool enables us to design cross-media performance strategies for your brand in a plannable and predictable manner. And our AI-supported budget allocation tool optimizes at a format level, taking your specific target groups, contact probabilities and marginal utility into account. Just as importantly, we always have your customer decision journey in mind. As a result, we can also identify the most effective and efficient media mix for your specific goals in brand-specific scenarios to get the most out of your budget.

Media’s importance cannot be underestimated – and it’s always changing. Today, buyers use media to confidently shape their own tailored consumer journey. Customers expect to get what they want, when they want, wherever they are - in real time.

Real-time data is currency your brand can use to meet customers’ changing demands. As the digital footprint that consumers leave behind when engaging with media, real-time data provides insight into consumer behavior. So you gain a better, authentic understanding of your current customers.

Still, not all available real-time data are used consistently. Research and campaign actions  are often two separate processes. Insights on target groups and products usually flow into campaigns, but once the campaign goes live, the data is often only used to optimize marketing KPIs. Although consumer behavior often changes in real time, new information rarely translates into an adapted campaign strategy.

MEDIAPLUS REALTIME manages real-time data challenges like these head on. In addition to conveniently bundling competencies in programmatic marketing, Mediaplus aligns across all your resources to easily and reliably create globally scalable campaign plans that can be implemented  in real time. The result? Your business gains a thorough understanding of your consumers’ needs and your brand becomes even more relevant to them.  


As well as optimizing KPI-based campaigns, findings can also be used to adapt consumer insights  and enhance campaign strategies in real time. This intelligent system continually learns to open up a deeper understanding of your target groups and enables you to optimize communications for customers, tailored to their needs.

Ready to reach your target group and engage more effectively and efficiently? In addition to customized positioning and creative concepts, we provide your business with a brand-specific media strategy. We focus on how media performs and measure its impact on communications to customize strategies, develop better ways of working and maximize the reach and impact of campaigns. Managing developments, monitoring trends and staying ahead of changes in the market, ensures we can offer your brand a fully coordinated and comprehensive media strategy.

New technologies, platforms and channels rapidly open up new possibilities for dynamic brand communication. Innovation is a central component in all our strategies. Our expertise for developing new, enhanced super creative ways of working boosts your brand’s impact, assertiveness and efficiency to give you a valuable competitive edge. Analyzing, evaluating and testing are all part of the process of developing and determining the best innovations to meet your unique business challenges. We help you succeed, not through one-off recommendations, but by supporting you throughout your sustainable innovation process.

Creative media is a dynamic and effective approach to communicating your brand that aims not to just reach people but to excite, inspire and engage with them on an emotional level. This approach also helps your brand make a greater impact. It can also maximize your budget. Earned media inspires word-of-mouth endorsement because people actively talk about your brand.

As one of the most innovative media agencies in Germany, Mediaplus has already created a framework with the BÄM Collective that develops  creative, innovative ideas and provides effective solutions for both client-specific and social problems. Known for its culture of innovation, Mediaplus has been named the "most creative media agency" in Germany for several years consecutively and won numerous prestigious national and international awards. So when you work with us, you can expect the best. 

Max Schöngen

"Innovation is the heartbeat of our agency - it’s what sets us apart. It’s why we’re driven to develop new ideas and provide impactful, transformative solutions." 

Maximilian Schöngen


Apollo Zoom Level Targeting


Zoom Level Targeting

Finding an optician's target group via their browser settings? Zoom Level Targeting makes it possible.

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